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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Oxford Interview

Oxford / Said Interview Reports

7th March 2009
Oxford Said Business School
Date received invitation: 6 Feb
Date your application submitted 13 Jan
Length of Interview - 40 minutes
Interviewer - Admissions Officer
One-on-one interview
Location of Interview - Oxford Said Business School (one of the meeting rooms)

My interviewer asked me about
  • She wrote a list of the questions on the paper and put the list on the table. The questions overall are very standard, and the atmosphere during the interview was very relaxing.
  • To my surprise, all the other admissions members cheered me up before the interview started, and that made me really relaxed and feel confident. It seems that interview with faculty is more difficult (many unexpected questions) than the interview with admissions office.
  • 60-70% of applicants are invited to the interview in general, and 50% of invited applicants get admitted (2008).
  • When did you arrive and will you leave (It seems that the interviewer check applicants' interests by seeing whether the applicants spend some time to see the city and to talk with current students. From my point of view, visiting the school before the interview gave some positive impact on the admissions office)?
  • What made you start working for industry after receiving the BA degree in Political Science?
  • Tell me your current business responsibility
  • Tell me anything that you regret not doing. Why?
  • Now you are in a good position (salary, responsibility, secured position). Why you risk your self and try to have MBA degree?
  • Why Oxford Said, comparing the other schools you applied?
  • Why your GMAT (verbal) so low? Seeing your English ability, it's natural to exceed more than 700.
  • Tell me your definition of leadership?
  • What can you contribute to Oxford Said?
  • Some chatting about my family
  •  Interviewer's attitude - Friendly

Any final comments
I did not feel any difficulty to deal with her. Probably because she was very good at driving the interview (the other admissions officers told me that she is very good at encouraging the applicants to smoothly talk).

*Applicants should visit, have an initerview in the same day as the "open day", and select the interview during afternoon. The applicants certainly could be relaxed after interacting with many admissions officers in open day as well as have many opportunities to appeal yourself to the admissions (including to the interviewer).

  • 20-30 minutes on-campus, one-to-one interview with a faculty in Social Entrepreneurship.
  • A is quite friendly person. The interview is strictly within 30 minutes.
  • First, I explained him Why MBA and Why Oxford. I think so so.
  • Second, he asked me "What is the problem which your company faces. How do you think to overcome the situation?"
  • I have a quite unexpected questions . Most tough one is "What do you think is the major issue of the global economy? and how you think you can solve the issue".
  • He try to find how I react to difficult questions with thoughtful idea.

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-Updated by Vince on 14 March 2012

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