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I provide the most intensive, effective MBA interview preparation service in the world. My interview coaching clients get results because I help them figure out what to say (logical content), and how to say it (impressive delivery).

I teach some of the world's top engineers and scientists at The University of Tokyo how to present their ideas on paper and in person.

I am a professional stage actor who has performed with The American Shakespeare Center.
At Stanford, I studied improv theatre with Patricia Ryan Madson, who has taught everyone from college students to Silicon Valley executives from companies like Google how to tell believable stories.

I provide one-hour mock interview sessions with feedback. I also provide extended multi-hour training. We begin with an initial diagnostic mock interview, which helps me determine your strengths and weaknesses. In subsequent sessions, we can work on strategy, answer modeling, and mock interviewing.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Evaluations for Vince's Interview Intensive Course

  • “One of the biggest offerings from Vince’s class is to see other applicants' style for interview. Specifically, brainstorming of the Q&A questions is really helpful for me to prepare the actual interview situations. Also, it was a good experience to listen to other applicants’ experience.” - Chicago Booth, Class of 2010
  • “Overall flow is very good for me to make 'the points of interview questions' clear. Listeners could know the important points of each question step by step, by first, touching on major questions, then learning behavioral questions and finally knowing advanced questions.” - Wharton, Class of 2010
  • “I could know the basic approach to each of major question. For example, it is good to know the difference of major questions and behavioral questions, and the basic approach such as 'preparing three points, but just explaining the biggest strength with example if it is asked'.” - Kellogg, Class of 2010
  • “Having several practices with other participants is good preparation for interviews. By feedback, I could know my responses are clear enough or not, or which part should be brushed up more.” - Duke / Fuqua Class of 2010
  • “Vince gave us many chances to answer typical question and then simplified and fortified our responses. The best point was well-balanced blend of lecture and practice. I think it was good that we could actively participate in the class.” - Emory / Goizueta, Class of 2010
  • “Vince’s lecture and explanation were so clear that I could more deeply understand my own interview strategy. I especially liked the detailed examples of behavioral questions and coaching on how to manage my time in answering ‘walk me through your resume’. I also liked the tips for asking good questions of my interviewer.” - Georgetown / McDonough, Class of 2010