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I provide the most intensive, effective MBA interview preparation service in the world. My interview coaching clients get results because I help them figure out what to say (logical content), and how to say it (impressive delivery).

I teach some of the world's top engineers and scientists at The University of Tokyo how to present their ideas on paper and in person.

I am a professional stage actor who has performed with The American Shakespeare Center.
At Stanford, I studied improv theatre with Patricia Ryan Madson, who has taught everyone from college students to Silicon Valley executives from companies like Google how to tell believable stories.

I provide one-hour mock interview sessions with feedback. I also provide extended multi-hour training. We begin with an initial diagnostic mock interview, which helps me determine your strengths and weaknesses. In subsequent sessions, we can work on strategy, answer modeling, and mock interviewing.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sample Interviews

Years ago, a client asked me to create a video showing a successful model of effective MBA interview responses to typical questions. Here it is, Hiro. Sorry it took so long!

Kellogg Interview: Part I
I asked my former client some typical interview questions including: Why MBA? Why now? Why Kellogg? Here are the answers that got him admitted.

Kellogg Interview: Part II
In the second part of our mock interview training session, Kaz answers some "behavioral questions" that dig into what he thought, felt, said, and did during his past professional projects. We also practiced typical closing questions like "tell me something else I should know" and final Q&A with the interviewer.




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