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Sunday, October 3, 2010

47 Interview Questions

The following list comes from Zoom Interviews

General/Personal Background
  1. Can you walk me through your resume?
  2. How would your friends describe you?

Undergraduate Education
  3. How was your undergrad experience? Is there anything you would do differently?

Professional Experience
  4. Can you provide me with an example showing your leadership?
  5. Define leadership success and failure.
  6. Describe a scenario where you worked on a team and one of the team members was not pulling her weight. What did you do?
  7. Describe a situation when you were leader and things went badly. Explain what you learned from this.
  8. Give me 3 adjectives that describe you.
  9. Give me an example of a time you were criticized.
  10. How did you deal with a member of your team who was a troublemaker?
  11. How do you handle stressful and tense situations?
  12. How has your leadership style evolved?
  13. How would your coworkers describe you?
  14. Tell me about a difficult interaction you had with someone. What happened?
  15. Tell me about a time when you helped out a colleague.
  16. Tell me about a time when your ethics were challenged and how you responded.
  17. Tell me about a time when your team failed. What did you learn from the failure?
  18. Tell me how you would manage a team conflict within a professional setting.
  19. What are the qualities of a good leader?
  20. What are your greatest strengths?
  21. What did you like about your job?
  22. What do you dislike about your job?
  23. What drives you? What makes you get up in the morning each day?
  24. What has been your biggest disappointment?
  25. What has been your greatest achievement to date?
  26. What is a challenge you had at work and how did you overcome the challenge?
  27. What is your greatest fault?
  28. What role do you play on a team?
  29. What was a situation where you had to motivate a group?
  30. What was the biggest challenge you handled as manager?
  31. Why did you leave X company to take a job at Y company?

Business School
  32. Can you accomplish your long-term goals without an MBA?
  33. Discuss your community work involvement.
  34. How will you contribute to our program?
  35. Name a weakness in your application.
  36. What are your short-term and long-term goals?
  37. What do you expect from classes at our school?
  38. What else would you like the Admissions Committee to know about you? 
  39. What is something unique about you that you can contribute to our school?
  40. What is your ideal breakdown of lectures and case based studies?
  41. What is your Plan B if you do not get accepted into business school?
  42. What other schools have you applied to?
  43. What would you find most difficult coming here? 
  44. Which is your top priority school?
  45. Why do you want to get an MBA? Why now?
  46. Why should you be admitted?
  47. Will you attend our school if you are accepted?


-Updated by Vince on 14 March 2012


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